There May Be Another Phantom Program In Battlefield 1

DICE is known to entice its audience through providing secret Easter Eggs on their games such as the popular Phantom Program in the Battlefield universe. Apparently, the thrill and adventure continue as one player managed to find a peculiar dog tag which sparked a lot of speculations from the community. Is this another Phantom Program for Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1: The Secret Dogtag

A Reddit user, DANNYonPC, managed to obtain a hidden dog tag in the game that says: "You've found something that does not belong to you." According to the poster, he managed to unlock the said item via deciphering a lot of Morse codes and completing the so-called "Headphone Easter Egg."

For those that didn't know, there is a pair of headphones that are hidden on each map in Battlefield 1. These headphones are indestructible and can be obtained on every server, so long as nobody has picked it up yet. To date, there are five known locations of the headphones; to which the items will randomly spawn once.

Battlefield 1: Solving the Headphone Easter Egg and Obtaining The Secret Dogtag

The poster said that he had undergone a series of "quests" in order to solve the Headphone Easter Egg and obtain the Dogtag. Here's the brief summary of Battlefield 1's version of the Phantom Program:

Step 1: Find all pairs of headphones across all maps in the game.
Step 2: Decode all the Morse Codes obtained from the headphone.
Step 3: Find all the icons all the way to London.
Step 4: Go to Giant's Shadow map. On the German's side of the map, go to the top of the furthest windmill. Players must then stand here for approximately 2 minutes or until they see a pigeon flying towards them. Afterward, the completion sound will play and the secret dog tag will then be available on the Miscellaneous tab.

Battlefield 1: Phantom Program?

As of this moment, the community is still buzzing with speculations as to the purpose of the said item. Many speculated that this item will play a part in the upcoming DLCs of the game. Check out the entire process of obtaining the secret dog tag down below. 

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