'Narcos' Season 3: Pedro Pascal Teases Plot Of Third Season; Actor Promises Bigger Action Against Cocaine

Netflix's "Narcos" season 3 is well underway, and the cast of the show has not been selfish in sharing spoilers of the installment. Lead actor, Pedro Pascal, recently talked about what to expect from the new season, revealing that the war against drug will continue with a new drug lord in the DEA's watch list.

The Chile-born actor recently told in his "Jimmy Kimmel Live" interview that fans will see "more cocaine" in "Narcos" season 3. Pascal plays the role of DEA agent Javier Peña who will reportedly lead the chase after Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. In real life, though, agent Peña had no involvement in bringing down the Cali Cartel.

The actor also said that after the fall of Pablo Escobar which was featured in the earlier seasons of "Narcos," people still kept on doing cocaine which basically gives the series more storyline to tackle. Showrunner Eric Newman also explained the shift of story saying "From the beginning when we decided to call the show Narcos and not Pablo Escobar, I had always had in mind to tell the continuing story of cocaine."

Fans then are expecting to see the events taking from the Cali Cartel history where the group controlled the international cocaine market. In real life, the group was dubbed as the most powerful crime syndicate in the history of drugs, hence fans foresee more intense action on "Narcos" season 3.

Many characters are reportedly coming back for the third installment, except for Boyd Holbrook who already confirmed his absence on the show. Damian Alcazar takes the role of the Cali kingpin, Gilberto Rodriguez, Francisco Denis will play as his brother Miguel and Pacho Herrera will take the role of Alberto Ammann. Actor Arturo Castro will play as Miguel's oldest son William Rodriguez while Kerry Bishe takes the role of Christina who is a wife of a Cali Cartel member.

Michael Stahl-David was announced to play as Chris Feistl who takes an assignment in Columbia to fight the Cartel. Matt Whelan, on the other hand, will play as his partner Daniel Van Ness.

Netflix has not yet announced the release date of "Narcos" season 3, but rumors are rampant that it might premiere in August or September this year.

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