'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 80 Spoilers: Gohan In A Pinch; Hidden Power To Be Unlocked

Son Gohan would be backed to a corner in his battle with Lavenda in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 80. However, instead of a problem, his father would see this as an opportunity. Spoilers reveal that Gohan's dormant power would be awakened in the upcoming episode.

Previously, Universe 7 has gained victory over Universe 9 in the first round of the competition. However, it looks like Lavenda is up for a revenge for his brother. The promo for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 80 shows Lavenda overpowering Gohan. He pins him down and was able to blind him using poison mist, as a result, Gohan can't detect Lavenda's ki. One of Lavenda's technique is Undetectable Ki.

Lavenda is a humanoid canine. He is a member of Trio De Dangers, a group comprised of the most powerful fighters from Universe 9. He is also known as "Venomous Lavenda" due to his tricky and unfair way of fighting of using poisons in a battle. He also doesn't care if his opponent dies.

Lavenda is very confident he can win against Gohan. Blinded by poison, it looks like the match would be very one-sided. There are speculations that Gohan would lose the match. However, Gohan wouldn't back down easily, he would soon do a counter attack.

The synopsis for episode 80 according to Comicbook revealed Goku would closely observe his son's match. As he sees him having a hard time, instead of being troubled, he would see it as an opportunity. The fight would awaken Gohan's dormant power. The old awakened Gohan which once surpassed Goku's power. Previously fans have seen Gohan's awakening in a battle with Cell, where an unstoppable Gohan effortlessly killed Cell juniors.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 80 titled "Awaken the Dormant Fighting Spirit! Son Gohan's Battle!!" will air on Crunchyroll on Saturday, Feb. 25, at 7:15 p.m. CST. English dub simulcast airs on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m.

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