Yahoo Hacking 2017: Should You Be Worried?

By Justin Lee , Feb 20, 2017 08:59 AM EST

Just a couple of days ago, news broke out about the new security hack that Yahoo is facing. According to the email that the company sent to some of its users, a forged cookie related hacking was done to some accounts and it allowed intruders to access the accounts even without a password. Although Yahoo also did their part in ensuring user's safety, people can't help but worry about their accounts' security.

Yahoo Hacks' Impact To Users

If you are an active Yahoo user, you need to check if you are one of the people who received the said email. The company said that they are currently alerting all the affected users. So for people who are part of the list, do follow Yahoo's security recommendations.

Take note that the company has addressed and fixed the latest security problem so the accounts are no longer at risk. Nevertheless, if you're concerned about how the breach could affect your account, here's a quick overview. As per Telegraph UK, those whose account have been affected can be targeted by cyber criminals who are gathering financial information. Take note that these fraudsters can use the basic information that they acquire to extract more data from the victims.

How To Secure Your Yahoo Account

For people who have hung on to their Yahoo accounts for years, there are a number of things that can be done to make sure that you and your account are secured. First and foremost, be extra cautious about the unsolicited messages that you receive. These can be from the fraudsters who wants to get more info from you. If the criminals were able to acquire your mobile number from your account, be cautious about calls and texts as well.

Additionally, do change your passwords and security questions, and as advised by the web many times, do not have the same passwords for your online accounts. Moreover, try not to use Yahoo for your online banking accounts. That way, you'll be less worried about intruders accessing your bank account. If you decide to just finally delete your Yahoo after all the data breaches, be warned that as per Medium, Yahoo deletion can be infuriating. You can choose to delete your account but Yahoo says it can take about 90 days for your account to be removed from the database. However, as per the source, logging back in the account even at day-91 can reactivate it and even reset the countdown to zero.

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