‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 79 Recap, Episode 80 Spoilers: Majin Buu Falters; Will Gohan Win?

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has just been aired and it continues the story of the Universe Survival Arc. “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 7 features the fight between Majin Buu and Kicker Basil. The upcoming episode of the series then teases that even Gohan might be in a pinch.

“Dragon Ball Super” has already revealed that Majin Buu might be in a disadvantage against his opponent but it seems he is actually having a hard time. Despite this, Majin Buu laughs at his situation and seems like he has lost hope. His teammates are shocked that he can be easily knocked down by Universe 9’s Kicker Basil from the team, Trio The Danger.

The fight lingers on as they introduce Kicker Basil with Majin Buu helplessly lying on the ground but then the latter suddenly jumps back to reality and says it’s his time to make a move. The first match progresses and even though Majin Buu is being pummeled with punches and kicks, he remains calm. Just as Majin Buu was about to be hit by a devastating attack, a warrior from Universe 11 saves him from the cheating movie and Majin Buu bursts into rage.

Majin Buu goes on full throttle, beating Kicker Basil’s butt and despite being exhausted, he has beaten the warrior from Universe 9. Goku’s team of warriors from Universe 7 is relieved that none of them are getting erased yet. The next match has been announced to be a fight between Gohan and the sly fox warrior called Lavenda.

After Kicker Basil’s defeat, Lavenda is keen on killing off his next opponent to make up for Universe 9’s humiliating loss against Universe 7’s team. Gohan asks his father, Goku to look upon him and see how strong he has become. Goku advises him to be careful because Trio the Danger is unknown to them. Lavenda seems to be a formidable opponent and Gohan might just have a hard time fighting him as he unleashes his full strength.

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