Bethesda Is Working On Multiple New Projects, Read It Here

Bethesda Softworks or more commonly known as Bethesda is a highly acclaimed gaming company who has developed famous franchises like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout. The gaming giant has been known to develop open world themed games which the gaming community seems to love. As a result, countless fans and gamers have made a large fan base in which the company gets a massive support from. So far, only a few projects are revealed in the past months which would indicate what Bethesda is up to.

Bethesda On Their Projects

According to Glixel, Todd Howard, Bethesda Game Studios Executive Producer, elaborates on what is next project for the gaming giant. Aside from the reveal of the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, which is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch, and Fallout 4 VR, Howard held back specific details about the projects Bethesda is working on. He would say that Bethesda is working on three big projects, two classical Bethesda games, and one mobile game.

Further Details On Their Projects

In an article by GameSpot, Howard clarifies that Bethesda has multiple projects that they are working on. Since the company is bigger than before, they want to release more games. He added that the two games are more aligned to what the company usually releases. These projects, as he said, are worked on at the same time and have slow progress. However, he reassures that these games are bigger than anything they've ever done before.

Regarding the mobile game, Howard was a bit reluctant in saying anything specific about it. However, he noted that he learned a lot from the development of Fallout Shelter. The uniqueness of the game is what made it a success, so the company doesn't need to look far to see what's working with the gaming community. He goes on to say that the game that they are making is differently styled and unique in the space.

Fans and players may not need to wait too long for details on Bethesda's projects as they are scheduled to appear on the E3 week. Although nothing yet is announced on what the company will unveil, it is certain that Bethesda would surprise people with what they have in store.

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