Pokemon Go Update: Reason Why Trading Is Removed In Gen 2 Update Unveiled

"Pokemon Go" has just incorporated the Gen 2 update into its system. However, it seems like the game is missing some of its most important features.

One of this is the player's ability to trade between other players. Before the update was released, it was found out that the trading feature was still unsure if it will make it to the Gen 2 update.

Pokemon Go Trading Feature Is Gone

According to Express.co.uk, Niantic Labs confirms that they are still trying their best to solve the many bugs in the game. This might be one of the reasons as to why the trading feature is still non-existent in the update game.

Just recently, the Gen 2 update was introduced and this ushered in the revival of the game's popularity. With it, 80 new Pokemon were added to the game.

Various data miners have also accessed the revised game code, and to their surprise, the code for the trading feature is nowhere to be seen. And though the trading system is not yet fully implemented the game, it still is a major drawback to know that it is not anymore there.

Done For The Good Of Everyone

Looking at the bright side, whether the code is there or not, it still has no effect on the game's gameplay. According to WWG, one of the theories regarding the removal of the code is that Niantic might be preparing for a better trading feature that is more refined.

Another one of the theories is that Niantic might have decided to fully remove the code, as it was an unnecessary feature in the game. Whichever the case is, it would be safe to assume that all of these surprising changes in the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update are done by Niantic for the betterment of the game and of its players.

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