Tesla's New Ride-Hailing Service Challenges Uber And Lyft

Due to Tesla's growing number of competitors for self-driving car technology, the electric car manufacturing company is reportedly advancing its own Autopilot technology to the next level. It is currently the most advanced semi-autonomous system that consumers can purchase and use.

Tesla Making Big Moves To Stay On Top

According to Business Insider, the company is also planning to equip all of its vehicles with the necessary hardware in order to enable level four autonomous driving. These moves are considered necessary for Tesla since it doesn't intend to fall behind from its self-driving competitors.

Given the sheer number of Autopilot miles driven, many analysts believe that Tesla could actually have a substantial commercial edge in the autonomous driving industry. Experts say that Tesla's mojo has slowly been stolen by the next big thing: massive-scale ride-hailing companies such as Lyft and Uber, which is why it's making all the necessary action it could make to keep itself at the top.

Tesla Planning On Joining Ride-Hailing Business

According to Reuters, Tesla is also aiming towards joining the ride-hailing party with its so-called Tesla Network, which according to CEO Elon Musk, will be aiming towards enabling Tesla owners to "monetize" their ownership when they aren't currently driving their vehicles. The cars will be available for rent out, in a manner of speaking.

Tesla's Hail-Riding Technology

Tesla's long investor, Galileo Russell, sums it all up in an interesting post on his blog spot, pointing out that Tesla has been restricting owner revenue-making from their Autopiloting vehicles to the Tesla Network, which is a walled garden that sets Tesla up to capture some of that revenue rather than giving it all to each of the owners.

With Tesla's New Hail-Riding Technology getting refined and further developed, many experts believe that the company can definitely and straightforwardly challenge its competitors and not worry about dropping from being the greatest electric-car company in the history of the automobile industry, as well as providing several autonomous driving services and features to its rides.

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