‘Teen Wolf' Season 6: The Last Dance Of Malia And Scott

Few more episodes and “Teen Wolf” is history. However, the episodic series will not go out without a bang. As promised by the producers, they will show once again why they were considered as one of the best TV series for quite some time.

The End Is Here

Everyone knows that the time is already ticking for “Teen Wolf”. Although their legions of fans are still hoping that they will reconsider the decision, the producers have already created the final nail in the coffin. The last remaining episode of Season 6 will be intriguing and be fulfilling at the same time. There are countless reports already on who will return to the show but none bigger than Scott’s ex-girlfriend, Kira Yukimura.

Scott, Malia Will Leave Beacon Hills

It is already revealed that Scott will do anything to leave Beacon Hills. However, he will not be alone in doing so. According to a recent report from a respected magazine, Malia, who is a bonafide feral coyote, is also tired of the events that had to happen in Beacon Hills. For those who got lost on some of the episodes, Malia was adopted by a family to protect her from evildoers. But it didn’t last long when the family that was trying to protect her got killed. There are countless times that Malia tried to forget about it but every time she remembers Beacons Hills, she remembers her family’s death.

Going back to Kira Yukimura, she is expected to return in their season finale which is somehow similar with Elena Gilbert in “The Vampire Diaries”. Scott and Kira shared a lot together but never meant forever. They have different backgrounds and ideologies which usually starts their conflict. Also, Papa McCall will still be the same scumbag as he was in the previous episodes. Papa McCall will be assigned to Beacon Hills in trying to solve a mysterious case and yes, he won’t visit his son during the procedure.

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