Here's Why Pokemon GO Is Skyrocketing Once Again

Pokemon GO being dead has become a hot topic within the community. Many believe that the game doesn't offer the kind of excitement it did in the past. While this remains to be debatable, Niantic's titular mobile game app is still a highly celebrated installment in the industry. But hey, there's actually reason to believe why it's starting to make sense again. That its popularity, in one way or another, is skyrocketing - again.

According to USA Today, the fame of Pokemon GO is once again on its peak. If tons of players tried to veer away from the game, a good number of them are reportedly coming back. Well, this is thanks to the introduction of 80 more creatures. The latter includes the likes of Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Totodile, among others.

But of course, the addition of new Pokemon GO species isn't the only treat Niantic gave to the fans. A couple of promised features, at long last, have been unveiled. Take for example the varied game mechanics, one of which is the introduction of new berries. These basically refers to the amount of candies players can acquire from either capturing and/or slowing down a Pokemon.

Adding to the list of new Pokemon GO stuff is the sleek interface. The studio is believed to have tweaked it, so as to make it easier for players to sort through things. For instance, additional features were added in hopes for players to switch between Poke Balls or berries quickly.

Following the release of Gen 2 Pokemon GO species, the game interestingly snatched the third throne in Google Play. And take note: it came from as low as 77th. There's no doubt that the mobile game is once again one of the most popular titles of recent memory. With that, it's quickly becoming the highest-grossing app, too. Niantic is indeed on the roll this time.

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