New Pokemon Sun And Moon Easter Egg Event Revealed!

Unlike any other games, Pokemon Sun and Moon quickly earned the applause of many. These video games from Nintendo received the phenomenal recognition. Well, after all, the titles deserve it. In hopes to keep the fire burning, the studio is planning to make things a little bit interesting than it was before. This is through a new event, which the company is already brewing.

According to International Business Times, fans of Pokemon Sun and Moon are in for a huge treat. This is due to the fact that a new kind of Easter Egg event will arrive soon. As a matter of fact, it's expected to hit the title sometime in March.

The big Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal was made by Nintendo just recently. Apparently though, it's confirmed to be around for players who are situated in Japan. It remains a mystery if the company plans to stretch the event internationally. But of course, there's a huge possibility. This is most especially if the event proves to be a huge success.

The forthcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon Easter Egg event is slated to commence come March 18. The interesting part here is it's a month-long celebration. This means that the event will end, particularly, on April 19. Players who'll take part of it are expected to receive interesting eggs that contain interesting creatures.

As of this writing, the confirmed Pokemon Sun and Moon creatures for the event are Mareani, Gloomy and Drampa. The eggs are also expected to contain the likes of Turtonator Passimian and Oranguru. For now, there'll be a total of six. But just like the question of the event having the possibility of become worldwide, the number of Pokemon involved is also a mystery. There are talks about Nintendo introducing the event to the other countries if and only if, as mentioned above, becomes successful.

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