Here Are The Best Trackers Available For Pokemon GO

Here's The Last Working Tracker In Pokemon GO For Android
With tons of Pokemon GO tracking applications banned by Niantic, one still remains working fine and now said to be the last usable third-party tracker for the game. Photo : wbangcaHD/YouTube

Playing Pokemon GO has become a huge bum, most especially in the past. Sure, Niantic may have introduced more creatures and features; however, the studio can't deny the fact that it still lacks one element. Well, it's no other than having a robust tracking system. Unfortunately, most of best third-party tracking tools have been removed. Or perhaps, the video game company won't allow the public to integrate them with the game. Luckily though, there are still a good number of these left. Without further ado, here they are.


For Pokemon GO players who are using Android devices, this one here is a blessing. While it's true that PokiiMap isn't really a user-friendly tracker, it's still quite effective in the game. It's been described as the equivalent of PokeVision, only that it's on the aforementioned platform. Players who use this will receive notifications from time to time whenever there are visible Pokemon near their areas. The only catch is that these will only cover those that are available. The good thing still is it helps players save time. How? Whenever a Pokemon tend to disappear, players will be informed so as not to chase a ghost.


Made available for both Android and iOS, this Pokemon GO tracker is quite unique for its own. While it holds true that it's accurate, it's still a "hard-to-parse" app. It can scan Pokemon even those that reach the 1.25 miles radius. Well, at least, it's for free. The unfortunate thing about this tracker is it won't show players when a Pokemon tends to disappear. Heck, even showing at least the images of the creatures is impossible.


For iOS users, this Pokemon GO tracker has some interesting benefits to offer. One is the fact that it lets players hide any creature that they're already captured. So, in a sense, it makes the journey a lot easier as they don't have to waste time catching a redundant specie. Next is the feature in which it notifies players of a Pokemon they've desired the most. Let alone the possibility of it featuring any gyms as well as various PokeStops. If players want to upgrade their gameplay using this tracker, the pro version is being sold at $2.99. That's a nice price for an amazing system.


In Pokemon GO, knowing which sort of creatures have already been tracked is quite helpful. This is exactly what PokeWhere offers to players using iOS. Apart from that, it has a count-down timer that lets players understand what the next de-spawn would be. Like the aforementioned, this one here also has a pro version to offer. Apparently, it's priced at $4.49, something that's quite reasonable for a tracker of such. Moreover, this tracker here won't require players the use of any account. So, in one way or another, players can avoid the possibility of getting banned from Niantic, as noted by Kotaku.

Earlier this year, Niantic has shut down a couple of well-known third-party Pokemon GO trackers. This was primarily due to the tools complicating process of the game's main servers. As a result, the studio made the decision to have them removed. Or, in a much simpler form, they were banned from accessing the said servers.

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