Here's How To Test Run Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass

Battlefield 1 DLC Update: They Shall Not Pass Arriving This March 14
The first of four DLC of Battlefield 1 entitled They Shall Not Pass finally has a release date. The brand new expansion pack will be arriving this March 14. Photo : iMedefeco/YouTube

Battlefield 1 players are in for a huge treat. That's because the first ever DLC of the game is on its way. It's titled They Shall Not Pass, which is believed to be an interesting addition to the hit title of today. Apparently though, the waiting game continues. However, those who want to experience what it exactly offers beforehand, they can. Yes, that's right - and here's how to.

According to GottaBeMobile, developer DICE will unleash the aforementioned Battlefield 1 DLC sometime in March. It'll be made available across all gaming platforms -- namely, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It's shape to be an interesting addition to the game. Well, it should be, as it's the game's first ever content since release.

They Shall Not Pass DLC will offer brand new weapons to Battlefield 1. A new army (French) and vehicles are also to be expected. Apart from that, a total of four new maps will be arriving. Players can also expect a new Elite class, two additional Operations and lot more of stuff particularly for the holders of the game's Premium Pass.

It's worth noting that this Battlefield 1 DLC is deemed as a standalone content. This will happen just exactly two weeks right after its arrival to the game's season pass members. For those who can't wait to get hold of it, DICE has made it all possible. This is by way of giving players early access to the aforesaid content.

The studio is believed to already have the early version of the first Battlefield 1 DLC. However, it's believed to be only made available to a select group of players. The access will be given, obviously, just a few days before the official launch. If players are able to meet the necessary requirements, they'll be lucky enough to be part of this gig. So how exactly?

DICE reportedly announced that Battlefield 1 players in the PC platform will be able to access the forthcoming content now. It's been made available in the game's CTE, also known as Community Test Environment. Interested players must first sign up for the said server before they can proceed to accessing it.

While it's true that the DLC will be made available for testing on PC, Battlefield 1 players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 need not to worry. That's because DICE promised to bring the content ahead of its launching into the console version of the public test server. For PC players, it's worth noting that they have to own the game's Premium Pass. Besides, it's only being sold at $50. The good thing here is it already covers the other three upcoming DLCs of the game.

Signing up means going to the Battlefield 1 Companion App. Or perhaps, going through the More section located inside the game. It should be noted that the CTE is quite limited, so there'll be no guarantee if players will earn a slot or chance to access the DLC first. But hey, they can do their selves a favor and try it now. They might just be lucky enough.

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