Overwatch News: Blizzard Confirms Concept Art Doesn't Feature Next Hero

Overwatch have been recently plagued by reports about the next hero. The hit game has its fans already wondering for weeks. There were reports about Doomfist and Efi Oladel, and of course the recently revealed concept art during the DICE summit.

On an Overwatch Reddit, Jeff Kaplan finally speaks about the matter.

Overwatch New Hero Is Not On The Picture

Fans who keep guessing the identity of the next hero finds one on a concept art released at the DICE Summit. Game Director Jeff Kaplan showed the picture which included a robot looking spider that looks very much a potential hero. However, as hero-looking, as it is, the Director immediately dismissed the idea.

Express reports that on an Overwatch Reddit, the director tells fans that the next hero is not someone they expect it to be. "No, the hero on the center is not who you think it is," he added.

It's not really specified who Kaplan was referring to. But fans can be positive that it might me about the recent guessing game on the next Overwatch Hero. Doomfist is the fan favorite but Kaplan added, that the next hero is not what players are expecting.

Overwatch News: Hero Would Make Impact On Game

Whoever will be the next hero, the Overwatch team wants them to make a big impact. With Kaplan saying that they will introduce a hero that will bring more gravitas to the game.

Other than Doomfist and the robot looking spider on the concept art, another fan guess hero is Efi Oladele. She is introduced to have a good resume, an expert in robotics and artificial intelligence. And by the fact that she is just 11 years old.

However, some fans are also dismissing the idea of Efi. A report by Forbes said that Efi might not be the next hero is because she's still a child. Plus, Blizzard isn't the type to give out direct clues. So fans might have to look further.

There's still no official news regarding the next hero of Overwatch. With Jeff Kaplan's statements, everybody just has to look elsewhere.

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