Final Fantasy VII Remake Update: Voice Acting For The Game Almost Complete

Final Fantasy VII Remake made a lot of noise when fans first saw its trailer atE3 last year. Everybody can't wait for the release of the ultimate Final Fantasy game as they saw the major updates in its graphics. They wanted to see the major changes and updates in gameplay and, what made Final Fantasy VII stand out;s its story.

The remake is going to be fully voiced, and everybody is looking forward to it. With the interview from the producer, are fans going to expect a release date soon?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Updates: Recording Is Almost Over

One of Final Fantasy VII Remake's  major change in story telling is voice acting. In the past, players couldn't very much enjoy the characters' bantering and exchanging dialogues, but with the major change in technology, Remake is going to have the same voice acting treatment with Final Fantasy XV.

In line with voice-acting, Siliconera shared that Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase reveals in an interview with Dengeki Playstation that recording is almost finished for the game.

In the interview, he said that Final Fantasy VII Remake demands great readiness. Voice acting for the characters are almost finished in terms of the main story. Fans can anticipate a fresh new performance because, in the game, everybody is going to meet Cloud in his "prime."

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Game Is Still In Development

Although the producer said that the recording for voice acting is already finished, he didn't mention if it's the first part of the Remake. PlayStation Lifestyle also reported that Director Tetsuya Nomura said that "the menus in the game is not yet final." Adding that they're putting a lot of attention to the game's combat system, and they want it to be smooth without interruption.

With these statements, fans will still have to wait a little bit longer before the game comes out soon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is still in development and will be released for the PlaySation 4 soon.

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