Titanfall 2 News: Live Fire Will Go Live This Week

Respawn is making sure that the new patch for Titanfall 2 will be flawless before it will be released, which is why the developer delayed it for a while. Finally, Live Fire will be released and not only that, players can expect different changes in the game.

Live Fire Will Be Live In Titanfall 2

On Feb. 23, Live Fire will be playable in Titanfall 2. According to PC Gamer, once the new game mode is available, the players can earn double XP until Feb. 27. Of course, the players who will participate in it are the credible gamers to get the points.

For those who do not know how Live Fire works, it will be a match that will be playable for one minute. It will consist of two teams with six players on both groups. The teams must consist of pilots only and Titans are not allowed.

The indication of the winner between the two teams is the flag, which they have to retrieve before the timer ends. They must remember that in order to win in Live Fire, they need to have teamwork while moving fast.

New Features Coming In Live Fire

As per VG247, not only Live Fire mode will be added in Titanfall 2, a new map called Coliseum will also be added in the game. In addition, Feature Playlist will introduce new game modes every week. Players can access Mixtape Matching that will allow the them to create their own combination of modes.

Furthermore, conversation between the faction leaders will also be added in Titanfall 2. New executions will be introduced in the Pilot customization options and series of game fixes will be added with the new patch to ensure game quality.

Rest assured, players should be confident that the Live Fire mode will make Titanfall 2 more enjoyable and interesting. They need to maximize this game mode to earn more points.

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