Blizzard Is Planning To Change Hearthstone's Arena

After a string of news from Blizzard in which the company promises to make some changes in Hearthstone, another shocking announcement is made. Previously, the company promised that they would be releasing around 390 new cards for this year's event, titled Year of the Mammoth. However, this time, the new announcement by Blizzard would in fact change how Arena Mode is played.

Changes To Be Made In Arena Mode

According to PC Gamer, in the upcoming update, Blizzard intends to change the Arena such that it will no longer be in Wild Mode, but would be in Standard mode. This means that players would only be able to get cards that were released this year and from the previous year.

In a statement by Blizzard, they say that since the number of cards that are introduced into the Arena pool is increasing, it is really getting hard to make each game feel different from the other. They further mention that a lot of synergies in the game like those of the Jade Golems, Mechs and many more would be hard to utilize in a deck when the card pool to choose from is large and growing.

Other Changes To Expect

In an article by Polygon, in the coming patch, Blizzard also intends to change the frequency of players getting cards of different rarity and spells, to make the game more exciting and thrilling. Blizzard goes on to explain that the number of basic and common cards will be lower so that other cards of greater rarity would show up in the Arena, while spells on the other hand would appear more frequent.

With this, Blizzard specifically states that cards like the Mage's Flamestrike, and the Warlocks' Abyssal Enforcer, the two strongest board clear cards in the game, would be tweaked in such a way that it would appear less frequently. Specifically, players would see these cards 50 percent less when in the Arena.

Blizzard however states that it will still monitor the game after the patch to see if there are still necessary tweaks to be made or if problems arise. Players can expect this patch to go live sometime near the end of this month.

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