Latest Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot Reveals Details About The Game

Looks like Kingdom Hearts' avid players are getting a treat today as a screenshot from the latest development of Kingdom Hearts 3 emerges. The screenshot reveals that the company is working hard to bring the ninth installment of the Kingdom Hearts franchise into life. All of these wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the large support coming from the gaming community, as well as the successful release of all the other Kingdom Hearts games.

Details On The Screenshot

According to GameRant, the screenshot was revealed by Tetsuya Nomura, Director and Designer at Square Enix, during the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC 2017) held in Monaco, France. The screenshot shows Sora fighting against a new kind of gigantic Heartless in what looks like the world of Hercules. However, taking a closer look at the screenshot, players and fans were quick to speculate that this screenshot, while closely looking like the Coliseum, is not what it seems. Rather, the screenshot takes place at Thebes, an area only seen in the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep game.

Nomura added that they have made a lot of progress in the game. However, there are other worlds that aren't started yet because the production process is different from time to time. As a result they cannot show anything yet other than what was revealed. He goes on to say that although they made progress in creating the game, they still have a long way to go.

What To Expect So Far In Kingdom Hearts III

In a previous statement, Tai Yasue, Kingdom Hearts III Director, mentioned that combat has changed in Kingdom Heart. The moves may look a lot flashier, but at the same time would not be too difficult to do. He goes on to say that they don't want to remake the Magic point system that Kingdom Hearts is known for, but, they want to enhance it further instead.

According to SegmentNext, it was reported previously that Kingdom Hearts 3 may have the feature of character customization, however Nomura said that although they are considering of putting this feature in the game, they have other pressing issues to handle first, making this, not a top priority.

Unfortunately, Kingdom Hearts III is still in development so there is no official announcement by Square Enix when the game is expected to be released. However, on a positive note, players can look forward to the idea that the company might reveal more details about Kingdom Hearts III in the coming months.

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