Metal Gear Solid Movie Still Going Strong

Metal Gear Solid is a game that influenced a generation of players in the gaming world due to its innovation in gameplay, graphics, and storyline. So when people heard that Metal Gear Solid was being made in to a movie, everyone was in shock.

About the Metal Gear Solid Movie

Jordan Vogt- Roberts, Director of Kong: Skull Island, is set to direct the Metal Gear Solid Movie, according to Collider. When asked about the movie, Roberts said that he met up with Hideo Kojima and his team to work on the script for the planned movie. He also said that he is going to do everything he can to make sure that the script is done properly. He emphasizes that the movie needs to be exactly what it needs to be, which is, Metal Gear Solid.

In an article by GameSpot, Roberts mentioned that although the franchise has had a lot of writers in the past, there is only one voice that is important, and that voice is Hideo Kojima's. In saying so, Roberts would like to think that the film would be massive but would be made in such a way that it honours what the Metal Gear franchise is, an important pillar not only in the gaming community, but also in the media.

Regarding the ratings for the movie, Roberts said that he wants to make the film as true as it needs to be and that his version of Metal Gear Solid can still exist whether it would be like Deadpool or Logan, in which you take a small budget but able to make it R-rated, or to take a massive budget, and turn it PG 13 or both. He further says that there are really violent parts in Metal Gear, but those are not the main points, what's important for them, is to get every aspect of the characters correctly. He goes on to say that this is more important than the ratings.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts On His Goal To Make The Film

Roberts intends to make his film every fan of Metal Gear would be proud of. Regardless of whether it is different from how films are made these days, Roberts just wants to make the film as true and as close as it can be to being Metal Gear. In doing so, it's possible that someone who is not familiar with the franchise, watches it, that they would instantly get hooked with Metal Gear.

There is no further news of when the movie would be released or if it is in production. However with Jordan Vogt-Roberts assuring fans of his dedication and passion for the movie, everyone can be assured that it will come to life in the near future.

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