New Leak Reveals That The Nokia 3310 2017 Won't Be A Smartphone

As per the news that came out a few days ago, the classic Nokia 3310 phone may once again enter the market in a revamped version. However, what was uncertain is whether or not the new N3310 will be a smartphone. Now, an answer to this question has surfaced online and as expected by a few, the classic Nokia will not be upgraded to a smartphone. This means that the phone will still carry a simple platform and will just be generally changed physically.

Latest Nokia 3310 2017 Details

According to VTECH via Neowin, the Nokia 3310 2017 won't be running Android, contrary to early speculations. Nevertheless, the phone's design may be improved by making the body lighter and thinner. This may or may not be good news depending on people's preference. The original 3310's design is arguably fine as is but the manufacturing team may also do some minor alterations to adjust the phone to the current era. Needless to say, the revamped cellphone may still bring in the iconic bright colors that the old 3310 has been known for. Fans can expect green, yellow and red among other possible color variants.

Nokia 3310 2017 Expectations

The Nokia 3310 was a well-loved phone and has become a regular subject of conversation when the topic of phone durability comes up. Although, the new leak answers the mystery about 3310's operating system, there are still a bunch of questions that remain unanswered. This includes the question of whether or not its battery will be removable. Additionally, the lack of official announcements from the manufacturer makes it hard for people to completely believe the leaked details.

Hopefully though, the new Nokia 3310 will still be as durable as the original version. It's undeniable how high expectations are for the revamped classic so fans can just hope that the manufacturer is taking this expectation seriously. In a time when torture tests have become a thing in the tech world, the pressure is pretty real for the N3310 developers.

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