Find Out What Ash Got In New Pokemon Sun And Moon Series

Similar to Pokemon Sun and Moon, the games' official anime series has also become a hit. It's currently running in Japan, the land where the Pokemon started, for almost 3 months now. Nonetheless, it's quite obvious that the protagonist Ash has yet to come up with a much rather solid team. Fortunately, in the recent episode, the kid got a new buddy.

Earlier in the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, Ash was able to acquire a Rowlet. But ever since that, his aim to capture more Pokemon in the wild has been elusive. Well, this has been changed thanks to the new episode of the series. Apparently, though, he didn't literally have to capture a new one -- he just befriended it.

According to ComicBook, this week's episode in the Pokemon Sun and Moon series finds Ash discovering the disappearance of Rockruff. It's worth noting that the latter is Professor Kukui's creature, which disappeared at night. It eventually came home but got injured. Both he and the professor discovered that the Pokemon is fighting in an infamous Pokemon fight club.

Most Pokemon Sun and Moon fans would think that the protagonist should discourage such behavior. But instead, he helped Rockruff train harder. As a result, the species learned a new move. It's called the Rock Throw, a move proven to be lethal on the battlefield. And sure enough, the guy's efforts paid off. The Pokemon eventually defeated the stronger Magmar, which defeated it previously. Seeing the bond the two has, the professor decided to let the creature walk alongside Ash's journey. That's where the history folds.

In related Pokemon Sun and Moon news, a brand new Easter Egg event has been unveiled. As reported by International Business Times, it's expected to be introduced to the game sometime in March. The said event is said to be a month-long celebration, with April 19 being the end date and March 18 being the start date.

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