Death Stranding's Developer Teases New Character, Is Emma Stone Involved?

Death Stranding developer Hideo Kojima recently shared some new photos that hint at a female protagonist in his upcoming game. Moreover, could there be a chance that a famous Hollywood actress will portray the role?

Death Stranding Developer Hideo Kojima Teases Female Character

According to Metal Gear Informer, Kojima shared a whole new batch of pictures of a photogrammetry session happening in his studio. There, the team seemed to be working on some 3D scanning for characters in the game. Notably, there is an out of focus reflection in the mirror that looks like he is capturing a female actress.

This comes off as no surprise as the developer already confirmed that his latest title will include a female character. Although, he has yet to share who or what role will that character actually do. Even so, Kojima promised that he would not be including overly sexual characters in his game anymore, at least not without a proper reason.

La La Land Actress Joining the Project?

While Kojima has yet to reveal the actress he is working with, his previous tweets might have hinted who she is, as per GamingBolt. Recently, the developer has been expressing his zeal over the movie La La Land which stars actors Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Moreover, he also tweeted in the past that he had met a certain actress that he has been a long-time fan of.

During these series of tweets, he mentioned La La Land and went off to say more about dreams being materialized and broken. In line with this, there might have been a chance that the actress he met was no other than Stone. During their short meeting, he could have offered her a role in his upcoming project.

Incidentally, during his photogrammetry session, he also tweeted a photo of a mannequin wearing a Lionsgate hat. It is worth noting that the said studio has a direct involvement with the La La Land film. Connecting all of these clues together might hint that Stone has a role in the upcoming video game. Nonetheless, Death Stranding developer Hideo Kojima has yet to officially reveal or confirm any new actors for his project.

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