Fire Emblem Heroes Guide: How to Beat Robin On Hard Mode

The new Fire Emblem Heroes update brings in a female Robin as the Grand Hero Battle and a new summoning focus. Learn how to dominate the tactician on hard mode as she is a tricky unit to take down at such a high level.

According to Mic, the latest update in the Fire Emblem mobile game gives players the chance to recruit the female variant of the tactician from Awakening. However, players must first conquer her in a special new map before she joins their army. Take note that this version of Robin uses green magic while her counterpart uses blue tomes.

Fans can choose between normal and hard modes which will unlock a two or three-star Robin respectively. Those who opt to get the weaker version will have to face off against a level 25 character. Those who have been playing the game might not have too much trouble fighting against her.

Tips to Beat Robin in Fire Emblem Heroes

Just like the other maps in the past, it is automatically game over if one unit dies. For those who want to attempt to level 35 version should first prepare their best characters as they will need them to get through the chokepoint. One strategy to use is hanging by the safe zones to lure in the enemies for an all-out ambush.

Inside the choke point, there are two specific squares that Robin cannot reach which is the first two upper leftmost diagonal tiles. One of the units are in position, they can wipe out the other mages before moving in for Robin. The best strategy is moving in as many units as possible through the choke point in a single turn so the opponents will spread out a bit.

New Focus Brings in Characters From Various Games

That aside, the new update also comes with a new Focus called "Battling Robin," as per Siliconera. This specific pool features Fir from The Binding Blade, Hawkeye from The Blazing Blade, Tiki from Awakening and Maria from various installments. The other Focus, Family Bonds, is still active until Feb. 27.

Fans should make the most out of the new Grand Hero Battle before it ends. Robin makes a good character for those who need a green unit or even just a mage. Those who are interested in Fire Emblem Heroes can download the game for free on the Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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