Fire Emblem Heroes: Learn How To Get Free Orbs This Week

Fire Emblem Heroes will be giving free orbs to players who successfully manage to beat the new quests. Meanwhile, there is a reason why most players have named their avatars 'Kiran.'

Farm Orbs This Week Using the Special Maps

Orbs in the Fire Emblem mobile game acts as in-game currency that can unlock new heroes and special bonuses. The easiest way to get them is by completing story missions and extra maps that Nintendo releases. Lucky, Polygon reports that the company has released a whole new slew of maps that make orbs easy to farm.

The new event is a series of special limited-time quests wherein players must demonstrate their weapon mastery. There is a total of three maps that focus on swords, axes and lances which require players to craft units solely based on the said weapons. Those who manage to beat the quests will gain up to two orbs per category, totaling up to a whopping six.

Similarly, the third set of special maps which celebrates the game's launch also arrives this week. If players manage to clear them, they can earn up to another six orbs. Stack these items together with the daily log-in bonus and players can earn up to a total of 26 orbs if they play once every day until the weapon mastery map quests will end on Feb. 27.

Abundance of 'Kiran' in Fire Emblem Heroes

That aside, some fans may notice that a handful of players have chosen to name their avatar Kiran. This is because the said players are most likely making the use of the reroll system which deletes current save data in exchange for getting another chance at obtaining the heroes they want, as per another Polygon report. Moreover, they use a program called 'Nox' which expedites the process at the cost of changing the avatar's nickname.

Having to rename the character would be too tedious and requires a special keyboard so players often skip the process. However, fans can change their nicknames at any time using the 'Change Nickname' option under the Misc. and FAQ/Etc option. Those who want to try Fire Emblem Heroes can download it for free on Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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