Fire Emblem Echoes: Unlock New Dungeons Through Special Amiibos

Players who purchase special amiibos will have access to special dungeons in Fire Emblem Echoes. Meanwhile, the game will not feature dual audio and sticks with the English voice.

Amiibo Functionality in Fire Emblem Echoes

According to My Nintendo News (blog), Nintendo recently revealed the inclusion of two new amiibos modeled after Alm and Celica. The two said characters are the protagonists of the upcoming 3DS Fire Emblem game. In line with this, their amiibos can be used to unlock new features in the title.

Amazon Japan posted that they will unlock some sort of special dungeon as the remake will include some traditional roleplaying game elements. However, it is still unsure to what kind of dungeons these will be nor what rewards will players earn. Moreover, the website failed to clarify if both amiibos will unlock one dungeon or two different locations depending on the figurine. For now, fans will have to wait for further news regarding this.

No Dual Audio Due to Complications

That aside, Destructoid reports that the Fire Emblem title will only have English voices. It is also worth noting that this will be the first main game to feature full voice acting throughout the entire journey. While this may dishearten fans who prefer dual audio, Nintendo explained the reason behind their decision.

The company supposedly ran into some trouble during the Japanese singing crossovers. Because of this, they could not secure themselves a licensing agreement overseas. While the option of downloadable content is still available, it seems unlikely that Nintendo will still release additional voices.

The upcoming title changes the main formula of the series as it brings in new elements to the franchise. The remake will also touch up various mechanics will keeping the core Fire Emblem qualities. Those who want to play Fire Emblem Echoes can purchase the game on May 16 for their 3DS.

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