NBA 2K17 Tips And Tricks: How To Do The Best Ankle-Breaker Dribble Moves

"NBA 2K17" is known to have an advanced and complex dribble gameplay, compared to the previous years' games. This is why only a few players know how to handle the dribbles in the game.

This article aims to improve the players' dribbling skills with a set of few tips and tricks that one can use in the MyPlayer mode.

1. Behind-The-Back Dribble

This is one of the most effective dribble moves as the ball is placed at the dribbler's back. With this, the dribbler's defender can't easily reach for the ball, as well as get to know what the next move would be.

2. Hesitation Dribble

According to Mic, this is very effective in selling a crossover or pull-up jump shot. This is because there is a huge tendency that the defender would pause and stop, giving ample time for the dribbler to change direction or drive the ball forward.

3. Size-Up Dribbles

Hard bounces in the game are also a very efficient technique to master as this creates space between the dribbler and the defender. The hops that the dribbler gives him enough room to get a jump shot or spin altogether whilst having a crossover after it.

According to another report by Mic, this would work better if the defender is smaller than the dribbler. Getting a height and weight advantage would surely be very helpful in doing size-up dribbles. It's about using one's body to make a statement to the defender. It is important for players to always use their body size and strength to post up and dribble through players.

Final Thoughts

If one would follow all of the aforementioned technique, then in no time, players will be a virtual version of Kyrie Irving in "NBA 2K17". Master the techniques and play harder. Players will surely enjoy the game even more.

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