For Honor Guide: What Each Class Should Focus On In Domination Mode

For Honor has just been released a couple of weeks ago, and until now, players seem to be enjoying the type of gameplay that it brings. As a result, a lot of interested fans are buying the game and are just starting. They cannot be expected to play masterfully, so this article hopes to guide those beginners into becoming better players in For Honor's Domination mode.

About Domination Mode

The Domination Mode is a four vs four combat mode where the first team to reach 1,000 points, by capturing and holding zones and then by eliminating the opposition, wins the match.

Tips And Role Of Each Character writes down several tips for the Domination Mode, but for the sake of making the article compact, this part would only contain the important tips only. First is that Teamwork is vital in winning the mode as it allows players to plan and stage their strategies. Second is that players need to make sure that their team controls more zones most of the time to guarantee a stable income of points. Third, players can kill NPCs for one point each but kill an enemy player gets five points. Fourth, players need to choose well the abilities for their character and to remember to use them.

According to PC Gamer, players are free to choose whatever character they like, however they need to take note that each character has a specific role to fulfill.

Specifically, players who choose Vanguards should prioritize capturing and holding zones, killing NPCs and enemy players that are in a contested zone, they should also come to the aid of allies when the area is clear. All the while, players should choose feats that regenerate health when killing an enemy and feats that increase the combat abilities of all allies when playing this class.

Assassins, however, should focus on capturing unoccupied zones as fast as they can and killing lone enemies. The proper feats of an Assassin should be the ones that increase their speed and damage. For Heavies, their role is to capture and hold the zone closest to where the opponent spawns to prevent them from capturing other zones and to aid other allies when the area is clear. When using this class, players should choose feats that boost health, stamina, and defensive capabilities.

Lastly, the Hybrid is the pinnacle of all classes, as it can fulfill any role the team needs the character to do. As a Hybrid, players need to observe carefully the battlefield in order for them to know what role is necessary at any given moment. Players should choose feats that are more appropriate to the role that they are using the Hybrid for.

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