Life-Threatening Moments Caught On Twitch And What They Say About The Future Of Streaming

Streaming for hours and sometimes even days is definitely detrimental to one's health but not much attention is being given to the issue of Twitch users who take part in such. Not until a few days ago, when the first ever death during a 24-hour charity stream happens. Brian "Poshybrid" Vigneault died of unknown causes on February 19 during a stream to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

However, it's not just Brian who plays games and streams for over 24 hours without sleeping and sometimes even eating. Many life-threatening cases have happened in Twitch during livestreams and with hundreds of thousands of users, this is inevitable unless Twitch does something about it. Here are some life threatening moments caught on Twitch.

Twitch Users Caught In Life-Threatening Situations

TheRhys. TheRhys was streaming RuneScape for a whole day without eating or drinking anything and that's probably one of the reasons why he passed out. During the stream, almost dying in the game plus the joy of getting the Fire Cape caused his adrenaline to surge. Then he started to have chest pains and was shaking uncontrollably until he eventually passed out for a couple of minutes.

Boaty. A Twitch streamer called Boaty was also livestreaming RuneScape when signs of a stroke suddenly happened. He types words backwards and could not spell for almost a minute. Baffled and scared, he ended the stream to call his parents.

Lothar. A HeartStone streamer named Lothar started having hallucinations that was followed by what appears to be a seizure. He fell from his chair and his wife rushed in to give him CPR. She called an ambulance before the stream disconnects.

Paulo1325. He was doing a 52-hour livestream and started to have dizziness and nausea. He started vomiting and his mother even came in to ask if she needs to call the ambulance. Paulo got banned from Twitch because he was vomiting uncontrollably for an hour.

The Future Of Streaming In Twitch

Streaming for more than 24 hours has been a growing trend among Twitch users. It's true that most of them do it for charity but sleep deprivation can increase the risk of chronic health problems like diabetes, high-blood pressure and heart disease. Twitch needs to regulate these streams, and although they recommend streaming for up to 10 hours maximum, they do not clock these streamers out forcefully when they stay live for longer.

If this trend continues, more gamers will be putting themselves at risk to both long-term and short-term but possibly severe effects of sleep deprivation. These streamers sometimes do not even back up the hours they were awake with proper diet resulting in even more health problems. Twitch needs to do something about this trend; otherwise, the probability of losing more streamers to this system is appallingly high. To see the streams, watch the video below!

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