Which Version Of Skyrim Will Arrive To Nintendo Switch?

It's true that there are those who are skeptical about Skyrim being among the games in Nintendo Switch. While they have every reason to do so, there's nothing they can do about it. Why? That's because it's long been confirmed to arrive. However, there's actually a topic more worth discussing -- the version of the title that'll be in the console, that is.

Since the day Skyrim was confirmed for Nintendo Switch, many have wondered what Bethesda's plan is. Will the studio release the original installment with the title The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim? Or perhaps, which could be a better choice, it's going to be the Skyrim Remastered Edition. This is really something that the studio should address, especially to those who've been looking forward to.

Unfortunately for Skyrim fans, this still remains a mystery, as reported by GameSpot. The game's director in the name of Todd Howard revealed that, for now, he can't reveal anything. Or, at least, as of the moment, it must remain hidden. But of course, the community can expect this to be unveiled anytime soon.

The version of Skyrim in Nintendo Switch could be anything. The studio could opt with the remastered version. They could also decide with the 2011 version. Or maybe, just maybe, it'll be in a different form -- one that'll fit the very specifics of the console. (After all, the Switch varies greatly with PS4, PC and Xbox One).

Another question worth answering is the existence of Skyrim DLCs in the aforementioned console. Will the video game company also resort to including it? Heck, it's even vague as to what kind of resolution and effects the game will offer. This as well as the mods are all but a mystery that needs answers in the coming days to come.

It should be noted that Nintendo itself was reportedly uninterested in including Skyrim games. This was revealed by Howard long before the Switch became a topic in the industry. But hey, it seems to be a thing in the past. Fans should be glad it was all reconsidered.

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