'Quantico' New Episodes Might Feature More Possible Terrors Under Pres. Trump's Reign; Season 2 Might Be The Finale?

"Quantico" season 2 will already see a single timeline, but the possibility of season 3 remains unsure. Records still show a low viewership rating for "Quantico," but fans plan to see what the new setting has in store for the series' progress. However, creator Josh Safran recently revealed about his future plans for the show that might give fans a little spark of hope.
"Quantico" season 2, episode 14 will serve as a new pilot with the past timeline finally catching up with the present. The installment's ratings though are reportedly at 0.76 percent with 2.47 million viewers tuned in the last episode. This is however relatively lower than the season's premiere episode, which arguably disappoints the expectations when the show was moved to a Monday timeslot.

Some spoilers for the upcoming episode of "Quantico" were dropped. Fans now know that they will see Claire Haas forming a "joint task force" to investigate on who tried to infiltrate the NSA and will find a way to deal with the NY terrorism. There are also details saying that Lydia uploaded a hard drive hidden from the terrorist, but she will also be seen locked up in jail.

Meanwhile, Joshua Safran was recently interviewed about his plans on the show, given that it continues to suffer from low ratings. When asked if he is making season 2's finale as the conclusion of the series, he has neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of a finale. He only said that he approaches every ending without cliffhangers so each season might get a satisfying resolution. He added that he will take the finale to a state that is not necessarily happy or sad but will be right for the characters.

As the show tackled terrorism in New York, Safran was also asked how he changed the story of "Quantico" according to President Donald Trump's presidential victory. Safran then said that he is changing the plotline into a "Trump arc" rather than continue the "terrorism arc." He says that they are looking at the way the United States might be hijacked under a new president although there will be no characters specifically depicting Trump.

The plans for the upcoming episodes of "Quantico" season 2 might serve as a new hope to fans. However, fans might want to lower their expectations as ratings continue to insist on a possible finale.

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