Clash Royale Guide: Why Poison Graveyard Is Dominating In The Arena

Clash Royale Best Graveyard Poison Deck! 1st PLACE in a 1000 Man Tournament! (Ft. Lord Supremee)
Have you encountered a Poison Graveyard deck in one of your Grand Challenges? You would probably say yes and here is the main reason why the deck is so popular in the current meta. Photo : Corrosive Logic/Youtube

The Clash Royale competitive meta constantly evolves as new balance changes are introduced into the game. And with the last balance update, albeit minor, the meta has once again diverged into a much more complex one. Here's how the small February update gave rise to the now-popular, Poison Graveyard deck.

Clash Royale Guide: Poison Graveyard Deck Overview

If you've been playing a lot of Grand Challenges lately, you may have encountered a lot of Poison Graveyard users already. The interesting thing about this deck, however, is that while the main strategy revolves around using Poison Graveyard as your win condition, the deck can change in a myriad of ways depending on one's playstyle. This makes Poison Graveyard a lot harder to counter and predict.

In a video uploaded by Corrosive Logic, a featured player named Lord Supremee has won the 1000 Man Tournament using the Poison Graveyard deck mix with old school meta cards. One fascinating factor about the deck is that at first glance, you wouldn't see the potential of it being highly aggressive. Here are the full details about the deck:

Poison Graveyard Deck

Poison - This is the main clearer of the deck. With the latest patch update, Poison had received a significant buff with its damage-over-time making it the best hard counter for most Spawner decks and is also great for damaging tanks.

Graveyard - This is essentially the deck's win condition. Paired with the Poison spell, the Graveyard can easily demolish the enemy Tower. What's more, this deck only has an Average Elixir cost of 3.1 which makes it a lot easier to cycle through cards.

Ice Golem - Ice Golem is one of the most popular cards in the old meta primarily due to its low Elixir cost which is considered by many as one of the best 2-Elixir cards in the game. But after constant nerfs, the Ice Golem has waned in popularity. In this deck, however, Ice Golem still works perfectly well which you can see in live action in the video below.

Archers - One of the cheap cards that are perfect against popular cards nowadays including the Goblin Barrel and Graveyard spell. This would serve as a defensive tool in this deck.

Minion - Another old school meta card, the Minion has been nerfed numerous times in the past. But in this deck, the Minion works well countering popular cards such as the Executioner and even Miner!

Skeletons - Once again, the last patch update buffed the Skeletons by adding 1 more Skeleton to the group. This change makes the 1-Elixir card great for all-around trades. It's also amazing at mitigating your opponent's destructive push as you cheap down your opponent's tower.

The Log - With the introduction of the new swarm troop, the Goblin Gang, the Log can easily counter decks that take advantage of this 3-elixir card. The Log also helps this deck in overall scenario where your opponent will counter using a Spawner such as that of a Furnace.

Inferno Tower - Golem and Giant decks are still highly popular today and one of the best counters for these decks is non-other than the Inferno Tower. Down below, Lord Supremee makes full use of this card against the Miner Control deck.

Poison Graveyard Deck: Why is it so popular?

You may be reluctant to try this deck out but it basically provides devastating aggressive pushes by making use of the Poison Graveyard to slowly cheap away the opponent's tower. Due to how cheap the supplementary cards are, you can essentially counter an opponent that is also using the very same "win condition" strategy. Lastly, the Poison Graveyard deck can be played in variety of ways and can both be used as supplementary cards as well. All in all, the popularity of Poison Graveyard stems from its flexibility during battles and of course, due to how strong the Poison card currently is.

To learn more about its strengths and very few weaknesses, check out the video down below. Check back for more Clash Royale Tips and Guides!

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