'Vikings' Season 5 Premieres on November; Heahmund Is Not The Only Villain To Clash With The Vikings?

Fans of the History series "Vikings" are already excited to see the new season which reportedly might premiere in November. Exciting details of "Vikings" season 5 have constantly been dropped, and followers of the show might have a clear guess now of what to expect from the new installment. A new spoiler reveals that Ivar might go against more forces and challenges than that he will get from Heahmund.

Ivar the Boneless is a big subject of "Vikings" season 5. Countless spoilers and teasers all point out on how the character will be the focus if the next season. It has already been revealed that his murder of his older brother will be heavily dealt with and that Ivar will be involved in a face to face clash off with the latest character introduced to the show, Heahmund.

"Vikings" creator Michael Hirst previously revealed to several media outlets about his plans for season 5's story arc. He already hinted on the Lothbrok brothers going against each other as they are divided by Sigurd's unexpected murder and their race to being the sole heir of Ragnar. He also confirmed that Heahmund will play a big role in the downfall of the Vikings, and it is envisioned that Ivar will be the Lothbrok to cross paths with him.

It seems thought that Ivar's bloodthirst will lead him to go against more difficulties as spoilers reveal that his conflict with his half-brother Bjorn will escalate in the nesting season. Furthermore, Lagertha remains to be one of Ivar's targets as he wishes to avenge his mother's death.

A more shocking spoiler coming to the "Vikings" community though is the revelation that the late Ecbert might still be a part of season 5. Hirst said that the character might not return physically, but his deviousness reportedly could contribute to the downfall of the Vikings. His previous decisions might catch up with the Lothbrok brothers that will surely cause huge troubles to the Vikings according to Hirst.

While teasers and spoilers seem to be abundant, the exact premiere of "Vikings" season 5 has not yet been announced. However, reports say that the production is already underway and that episode 1 of "Viking" season 5 might air in November following the show's usual nine months break per installment.

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