'Vikings' Season 5: Michael Hirst Hints On Show Ending With Season 6; Showrunner Also Teased Season Premiere

"Vikings" just recently wrapped up its fourth season, and fans have seen a lot of deaths that might catch up with the Lothbrok brothers on season 5. Showrunner Michael Hirst hinted on the new chapter's plot, revealing how Ivar becomes the highlight of 'Vikings' season 5. Also, Hirst went on to reveal that the show might have two more seasons, hence sparking speculations that 'Vikings' will end with season 6.

Hirst recently dropped major spoilers of "Vikings" season 5. He said that the upcoming installment will see Ragnar's sons going against each other, to the extent that they will be at each other's throats. After Ragnar died in season 4, his sons were committed to avenging his death, but after such mission, they were once again clashing off against each other. It can even be recalled that Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye met his demise in a shocking way, as his brother Ivar was the one to kill him.

The premiere of "Vikings" season 5 then is reportedly going to feature Sigurd's funeral where Ivar can be seen crying as he expresses his regret. Although he claims that it was not his intention to kill Sigurd, the brothers will be divided into different camps due to Sigurd's murder and their claim to Ragnar's throne. Hirst revealed that this will be a major concern for season 5.

Meanwhile, although Ivar feels sorry for "accidentally" killing his brother, spoilers reveal that he will plan another murder which involves Lagertha. Ivar reportedly has a great desire to avenge his mother's death. The retribution will begin on season 5, where reports say the installment will not finish without seeing Lagertha six feet under the ground.

Another threat to Ivar coming on "Vikings" season 5 is Heahmund who is deemed by Hirst as a worthy opponent to the former. He is reported to ignite a war against the Vikings. As it was teased that Ivar will be his main enemy, whether he gets the support of his brothers after murdering Sigurd or not is yet to be discovered in the upcoming installment.

Apart from spoiling some parts of "Vikings" season 5, Hirst might have teased the probable endgame of the series. In his interview, he said that the show is well-received by viewers, but his team can work on two more seasons (including season 5). This then sparked countless talks that "Vikings" will conclude with season 6. Following this, fans are already requesting for a spinoff that may continue to follow the history of the great Vikings.

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