'Yuri!!! On Ice' Season 2 Hinted On Anime Event; Upcoming Season To Reveal Yuri's Secrets

Since the "Yuri!!! on Ice" season 2 was revealed at the end of season 1 finale, official details about the most anticipated second installment of the hit ice skating anime have been scarce. Several reports revealed "Yuri!!! on Ice" season 2 was hinted on a recently concluded "Yuri On Ice" event.

There is no official release date for "Yuri!!! on Ice" season 2 yet but in a previous interview, co-creator Mitsuro Kubo revealed one of her plans in 2017 is creating the season 2. There is still no announcement regarding the premiere however, Kubo revealed in the "Yuri!!! on Ice" talk show and all night screening this February that she already has some ideas on how the season 2 might go according to a report.

The event also highlighted some visuals of the characters shown in the finale episode. A visual art of all 12 figure skaters and a selfie of the characters with the three main characters Yuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisetsky, and Viktor Nikiforov, in the middle. There are speculations that these visuals mean all the characters on the season 1 will be making their appearance in the upcoming season.

There are also speculations that "Yuri!!! on Ice" season 2 will feature more of Yuri Katsuki's past and secrets. In season 1, Yuri Plisetsky narrowly beat him to grab the gold in the Grand Prix Finals. Yuri decided to challenge the sport once more while Viktor will be joining the competition and be Yuri's coach at the same time. With that, the competition is expected to be more intense.

Meanwhile, it was announced that several key figures from the "Yuri!!! on Ice" production including Mitsurou Kubo, director Sayo Yamamoto and animation director Tadashi Hiramatsu will be attending the AnimeFest 2017 to be held at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel from August 17-20. Fans are anticipating the three would make some announcements about "Yuri!!! on Ice" season 2.

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