Here's How The Fallout 4 VR Actually Works

Virtual Reality (VR) was first introduced to Fallout 4 back at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2016. And obviously, the fans love it. It's a brand new take on the titular title from the critically acclaimed franchise developed by Bethesda. Apparently that time, it appeared to have a good number of faults. Fortunately, the studio has a fix to these.

In an interview with Glixel, the studio's very own Todd Howard reveals the underlying issue of Fallout 4 in the said feature. It's basically the locomotion, which is generally accepted as the first common issue for various games. But of course, this is also something that studios need to address. Why? That's because it greatly brings a nauseating feeling for VR users.

If the locomotion department of Fallout 4 greatly lacks stability, the teleportation alternative system, on the other hand, proves to be excellent. So far, the experiences VR players had with it are quite immersive and impressive. Teleporting across the vast wasteland of the game, though, didn't prove to be the ideal move. Well, that's because it's all about jumping one at a time.

Howard, nonetheless, admitted that he and his team in Fallout 4 are aware of these compelling concerns, as noted by UploadVR. He iterated that the hardest part among these is the locomotion. That it's something that would require a great amount of time and resources from them. They have to consider a lot of things, one is the game's world being a large one.

The Fallout 4 and Bethesda executive revealed that, as of this writing, they're all about perfecting the Teleportation system. While the latter has shown great results, the studio wants to ensure its stability once deployed. As for the locomotion issue, this continues to be a work in progress. One possible solution the studio is looking at is incorporating various movement styles. This is to basically replace the ones they've already developed, or perhaps work as an alternative. The end goal is to find the right movement system that will both capture the hearts of the fans and prevent them from vomiting.

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