What This New Rumor Could Mean About The Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls 6 is probably one of the most talked about games of recent memory. Yes, it's true that no release date has been revealed by Bethesda. However, this doesn't keep the fans from speculating whatever there is to speculate. This only proves that the title is indeed among the most anticipated ones. Well, good news to the community -- a new rumor has surfaced. This time, it somehow hints the development of the supposed title.

According to TNHOnline, new speculations have surfaced, suggesting the progress of The Elder Scrolls 6. This happened following the decision of the studio to hire a good set of people for their workforce. The titular video game company has reportedly added around 180 staff members. Obviously, this could mean a thing or two.

Before The Elder Scrolls 6 was even thought of, Bethesda has already been known to give huge importance when it comes to developing titles. That they're fond of increasing their workforce, as they find it a necessity in order to deliver the game they've wanted. And so far, it has worked tremendously great for them. Remember back when Fallout 4 was released? During that time, the studio only had 108 staff members.

In a sense, the developer of the support upcoming game The Elder Scrolls 6 has added a total of 28 positions. In fact, as what reports suggest, the studio is looking to amp it up. They're said to be looking at a workforce composed of 208 staff members. So, this only means that people can expect around 28 positions more (if the 180 staff members are to be considered).

Some may argue that The Elder Scrolls 6 won't happen. However, Bethesda already confirmed in the past that they'll be working on it. It just a matter of when it's going to enter the development stage. Or perhaps, it has already entered and the studio has just remained mum about its status, as noted by Glixel. That, in one way or another, the title might already be among the projects the video game company has started working on.

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