Mass Effect: Andromeda Day One Patch Almost Ready

BioWare has announced that the development team for Mass Effect: Andromeda is hard at work on getting the day-one patch for the title ready. The patch should be done in around five days before the game’s official launch which will be on March 21. The patch will be made accessible for players that are getting early access by way of a special promotion by Electronic Arts. The game should also come pre-loaded with the patch. This will allow gamers to avoid the update-upon-update problems that will test anyone’s patience.

The announcement was made on twitter. Designer Ian Frazier also revealed a few other things including the file size of the game which is estimated to be 45 to 60 GB, also there will be a number of options for the PC version of the game. PC gamers will be able to tweak the graphics of the game as well as to quick bind the four favorites that Ryder can load to hotkeys.

Frazier teased more general gameplay features which include a new game plus option for those who have finished the game. Details were not revealed, however. BioWare has also taken out Warp power as the studio felt it had too much overlap with other powers. Frazier also mentioned that one other interesting improvement in the new title will be the new AI for companions in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The behavior of each squad mates will be determined in large part by the skills assigned to them by the players. The player will still have to give commands like attack, defend, move but the soldier will decide how to best handle the execution of the order based on the skills that were assigned to them. BioWare seems to be gearing up to deliver one great title for the fans of the Mass Effect franchise as reported by GameRant.

The patch is supposed to be ready five days before the time Andromeda launches on March 21. Producer Michael Gamble, however, cautions players that nothing is set in stone as of yet. Gamble says that plans could still change as published by GameSpot.

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