Pen Company Staedtler Evolves To Produce Samsung's Galaxy Tablet Stylus

If there's one word to describe this year's MWC event, it would probably be "nostalgia". It seems like multiple companies wanted to take consumers down the memory lane as evidenced by Nokia's 3310, BlackBerry's keyboard-equipped KeyOne and lastly, Staedtler's stylus for Samsung. Some may find it a bit surprising as how a writing tool brand can innovate in terms of technology but just like how watchmakers had to develop their own smartwatches, Staedler also felt the need to turn its iconic merchandise into a tech tool.

Samsung's Staedtler-made Stylus

The new S Pen looks like the classic Staedtler Noris pencil. The black-gold pencil that everyone has come to love has now been turned into a Samsung Galaxy tablet accessory. Dubbed as the Noris Digital Stylus, this tool is designed for Samsung's tablets and can be bought separately. Feature-wise, it's pretty much the same as the regular S Pen. It just brings in the Staedtler look and feel that most people have long been familiar with. As for the price and availability, fans need to wait for more info from Staedtler and Samsung.

Samsung's MWC Conference

Apart from the Staedler Digital Noris stylus, there really hasn't been a load of interesting unveilings from Samsung. The company did announce the Galaxy Tab S3 and so far the gadget brings in great improvements. However, as promised, Samsung wasn't able to reveal the Samsung Galaxy S8 - the company's most anticipated device for H1 2017. Nevertheless, Samsung did confirm that the S8 will instead be announced on March 29.

With that said, smartphone fans just need to wait one more month to get a good look at the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy Tab S3 on the other hand, alongside the Galaxy Book, are Samsung's response to the small market of tablet-convertible users who are looking for a good upgrade. Adding in a nostalgic Staedtler stylus, this practically sums up Samsung's MWC conference.

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