1996 BMW Where Tupac Was Shot Now For Sale

On Sept. 13, 1996, Tupac Amaru Shakur, one of the greatest rappers in history was gunned down while in a BMW on the strip of Las Vegas, Nevada along with Suge Knight who was behind the wheel at that time. 20 years later, the same BMW Tupac Shakur was riding when he was shot to death is up for sale. Here are the details about the historic BMW.

The Last Car 2Pac Was In

According to report, the last car Tupac Shakur was in, which is a BMW where he was a victim of a drive-by over 20 years ago, is now for sale. It has been reported that several individuals have owned the BMW after the incident that took the life of Tupac happened. Apparently, the car was auctioned by the Las Vegas police department after impounding it following the drive-by. The BMW has covered 90,000 miles since it was auctioned.

BMW Restored But With A Trace Of The Incident

Reports stated that the historic BMW had been restored but traces of the tragedy that led to Tupac's demise can still be seen in the car. Apparently, there are still indentations visible inside the door panels that came from the bullet holes of the shooting incident. Given this fact, there will certainly be many people that will be interested in the BMW.

Auctioning One Of The Biggest Hip-Hop Memorabilia

The last car that Tupac Shakur was in when he was murdered is considered to be a very big deal among hip-hop fans and enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the BMW where Tupac and Suge Knight were ambushed is not going to be cheap. According to report, the same BMW will be auctioned at a starting rate of $1.5 million. Despite the colorful history of the car, some people say that the price is simply too steep. Given this fact, it remains to be seen whether someone will actually purchase the abovementioned BMW.

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