E3 2017 Floor Plans Indicates A Big Presentation For Nintendo And More

This year's E3 is starting to heat up as organizers opened their gates to the general public. Microsoft announced their plans to go first in briefings to get ahead of the pack, with Bethesda also going for an early briefing by setting their briefings the same day as the computer giant planned. As of the moment, a floor plan of the convention has surfaced, showing the gaming community how big a company's space is and where they are located in the venue.

E3 2017 Floor Plans

According to Cog News, a Neogaf user by the name of Rosti has released the event's floor plan so that the public can see. In the images released, people can see where companies like Bethesda, Bandai Namco, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, Capcom USA, Activision, Microsoft and Take-Two Interactive are located. But in a separate image, it can be seen that some of the gaming industry's top companies like Sony and Nintendo have secured a bigger space than any of the other companies also presenting in the event. It was also revealed that these two companies will have their booths right beside each other.

Moreover, Microsoft has a smaller space than last year and they are located in a new location in the event as well. A couple of speculations were raised by the fans that the company is devoting more of its resources to their briefing date. However, aside from their briefing date announcement, Microsoft doesn't have any updates yet.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Wire pointed out that this move of getting more space in the convention may be a sign that the company is going to highlight everything about their latest gaming platform, the Nintendo Switch, and the games that are going to be released along with it. This large space may also mean that Nintendo might showcase some other games from other earlier devices like the 3DS.

What Does This Mean

The floor plan may give some clues to everyone in the gaming industry and community regarding the scale of the presentations of each company. Aside from the companies' perspective, the images are handy to people who are going to the E3.

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