Confusion Between Naughty Dog And 'Uncharted' Script Writer Happens After Interview

Uncharted has been a mainstream success for Naughty Dog, not only for the reason that the game reach legendary status in the gaming community, but also the attention given by mainstream media. Since 2009, Uncharted was planned to be made into a movie, but unfortunately the plan ran into some problems in terms of creative direction in the following years. Thus, leaving the movie in limbo. However, Sony still plans to make the Uncharted Movie into a reality as they hire a new director and a new script writer to mobilize the plan.

Update On The Uncharted Movie

According to Collider, Joe Carnaham, Script Writer for the Uncharted Movie, was interviewed along with Frank Grillo about their remake for the Raid. In the interview, Carnaham was asked about the script he was writing for the Uncharted Movie. He replied that the script was a big success because everyone from Sony loves it, and they are happy about it. He noted that Shawn Levy is an excellent director, and both of them have worked hard together for months on this project.

Moreover, he stated that he has never written anything as crazy as he did for this movie. Carnaham added  that he is very happy with the script, even the guys from Naughty Dog expressed their delight on the matter. Also, the important part was the approval of Nolan North and Amy Hennig.

Naughty Dog Replies To Carnaham's Comment

In an unfortunate turn of events, a couple of days before Carnaham's interview, Neil Druckmann, Creative Director of Uncharted 4, was asked by a fan on Twitter about the progress of the film. He replied that no one from Naughty Dog knows anything about the script, and that they basically have no idea what the movie is all about.

When Druckmann heard about Carnaham's comment that Naughty Dog was happy with the script, he posted on Twitter again to say that Naughty Dog knows nothing about the film, and that Carnaham should stop implying that he has the company's support.

Sony is pushing to make the film, although as of the moment, they neither have casts yet, nor have a specific release day for the movie. However, on a positive note, according to Shawn Levy, the shooting for the movie is scheduled sometime this summer.

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