Facebook Will Finally Share Ad Revenue With Live-video Uploaders

By Justin Lee , Feb 27, 2017 01:14 PM EST

Facebook wants people to love its Live-feature even more. Just recently, the company has announced that it will open its paid live broadcasting service to the public. By public, however, this does not mean everyone. Only those with at least 2,000 followers who are also able to get at least 300 viewers on one of their broadcasts concurrently will be eligible to the paid live broadcasting service of Facebook. This new offer is in beta stage and users who meet the qualifications are given a sign-up notification.

Basically, the monetizing game revolves around ad revenue. What will happen is that ads will be inserted to the live videos and broadcasters will earn money from it. Broadcasters will see a "$" icon when they hit the LIVE button and if that icon is clicked, an ad will be played. Viewers will then be able to see a counter on their screens that shows them when the ad will finish. When the ad is done, viewers will return to the live broadcast and the video uploader will resume as usual. Broadcasters can opt to not run ads on their videos but if they do, viewers will not be able to skip through the ads.

This new Facebook feature affects two consumer categories. Viewers will be seeing more ads in live videos and video uploaders will get to have a share in Facebook's revenue. The exact profit system has not been clarified yet. Facebook just said that the broadcaster will "earn a share" from the ad revenue.

Nevertheless, to paint a picture as to how much share one can get from a partnership like this, know that YouTube shares about 55 percent ad revenue to its video uploaders. Although this does not confirm Facebook's own payment system, there is a good chance that the company has considered how much its direct rival is giving away for the same service.

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