Pokemon Go Guide: How To Quickly Earn And Save Coins Without Spending Real Money

There are lots of available in-game items in Pokemon Go which can be purchased by PokeCoins. These premium coins can be acquired in several ways. The easiest way possible is to buy it with real life money. However, some players chose to play free by not spending anything in the game. Although, playing free might not earn an instant PokeCoin. That does not mean free players cannot own one. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of ways these coins can be acquired.

According to the report from Otakukart, collecting bonus from gyms will grant players a free PokeCoin. These bonus reward can be stacked which means it will depend on how many Pokemon being stationed to each gym location. Each stationed Pokemon will grant 10 PokeCoins and about 500 stardust. The gym reward has a cooldown of 21h for a maximum of 200 coins to collect each day.

Meanwhile, saving these PokeCoins will need players to be smarter in utilizing the free in-game items to maximize the reward given. For instance, leave each Incubator's usage with one a piece. Eventually, players will have 8 Incubators with one usage left plus the Infinite one. By this notion, they can then coordinate a mass evolution with a Lucky Egg while also hatching nine eggs instantaneously.

For premium players of the game, hatching nine eggs at once is not a big deal, but for free players, it requires proper planning. Theoretically, the sequence starts by activating Lucky Egg, Seven Day Catch Steak Bonus, Seven Day PokeStop Spin Bonus, Start Mass Evolution while walking, nine Eggs Hatch and Finish the Evolutions.

Performing this sequence can maximize the XP gained over time rather than just hatching eggs randomly. Also, it could potentially double the XP gained by acquiring new Pokemon via Egg Hatch. New Pokemon Bonus with a Lucky Egg activated will grant a massive amount of XP. Overall, this guide might not be more efficient in higher account levels. However, it can still help lessen the time grinding those huge blocks of XP needed to level up.


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