Pokemon Go Guide: How To Evolve Gen 2 Pokemon

As reported earlier, Pokemon Go received a massive update which features tons of new Pokemon and in-game items such as Evolution Stones and more. Before the official arrival of this new update, the Gen 2 patch was heavily rumored which created much hype to the players. Currently, players are now enjoying the new experience offered from the game's latest patch. Meanwhile, here is a guide for those new players of the game.

According to the report from Otakukart, there are lots of generation 2 Pokemon that evolve from the previous batch. Apparently, most of these creatures require a separate item to complete the evolution. The said items are used in addition to the present Pokemon Candies.

Based on the report, these are called the Evolution Special Items such as Sun Stone, King's Rock, Dragon Scale, Metal Coat and Up-Grade. The Evolution Items can be acquired randomly at PokeStops. That means it would not ensure to drop your desired item. It is recommended to swipe more PokeStops for a higher chance of dropping the needed items.

Though each item has a highly definite use, however, there are only two of these that can be applied to more than one Pokemon at the moment. The first of the two is the King's Rock, which will enable both Polywhirl and Slowpoke to evolve into Politoed and Slowking, respectively. The other one is the Metal Coat which allows Onyx and Scyther to transform into Steelix and Scizor respectively.

On the other hand, Sun Stone will cause Gloom to transform into Bellossom, while Up-Grade will allow Porygon to evolve into Porygon 2. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that a specific number of Pokemon Candy will still be needed to complete these evolutions. For instance, Gloom will need 100 Oddish Candies and a Sunstone to successfully transform itself into Bellossom.

Meanwhile, there are also Gen 2 Pokemon that don't require evolution items such as Crobat and Blissey. Crobat will only need 100 Zubat Candies, while Blissey requires 50 Chansey Candies. Furthermore, split evolutions like Eevee also has different method of evolution in the game.


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