Duggar Family Might Have Teased Two Upcoming Courtship Announcements From Their Boys

The Duggar family of "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" is being speculated of another courtship announcement. The talks interestingly do not involve only one Duggar but two, and this time, it is the boys that are being rumored. Joseph and one of the Duggar twins are being linked to the Caldwell sisters. Are the sisters really romantically involved with the Duggar brothers?

After the female Duggars have been announcing courtship and weddings, it seems that the time has come to the boys of the family to give importance to their love lives. Joy-Anna is the most recent Duggar to announce her courtship with Austin Forsyth, and the couple has been plagued with countless engagement rumors earlier this month.

In the previous episode of "Counting On," Forsyth was seen helping in the Jinger-Jeremy wedding. What started a buzz though is the appearance of Kendra and Lauren Caldwell who were also seen helping arrange the event. Fans were then quick to speculate that the sisters might be involved with the Duggar boys as Austin is romantically linked to Joy-Anna.

Fans then started to question when a courtship announcement will come involving the Caldwell sisters. Rumors have it that Joseph, 22, and one of the twins Jedidiah or Jeremiah, 18, are in a courtship stage with Kendra and Lauren. Josiah, 20, who seems more of a legal age to date than the Duggar twins, has not been mentioned as it is known to fans that he has entered a courtship with Marjorie almost two years ago. Unfortunately, their relationship reportedly ended when Josh Duggar's scandals were revealed.

Meanwhile, fans believe that the Caldwell and Duggar courtships will be lovely as Kendra and Lauren are also devoted Baptists and are daughters of a pastor. The two were also reportedly spotted on Valentine's Day in the Duggar compound which fans believe is a solid evidence that they are now closely related to the family.

The Duggar family is not confirming anything yet and Joseph has reportedly said that he is in no rush to get married. However, the "Counting On" fandom is strongly hoping to hear two courtship announcements soon. After Anna and Josh's courtship, the female Duggars took the center stage on the family's romantic love, and followers of the reality stars reportedly would want to follow the lives of the males this time.

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