Clash Of Clans Isn't Entirely Affected By Pokemon GO

Following its release, Clash of Clans quickly acquired a huge following. Fans all over the world witnessed the greatness of the title, thanks to developer Supercell. However, it slowly faded (in terms of popularity) in time. This is most especially with the arrival Niantic's historic release called Pokemon GO. Fortunately, contrary to popular belief, this game still has a significant relevance in the gaming community.

According to Reuters, the studio and developer of Clash of Clans revealed a milestone the game has achieved. It was revealed that, in one way or another, its sales growth has stalled. Why? Well, this is thanks to heavy competition the mobile game app had with Pokemon GO last year. While this holds true even today, the title's earnings have still increased (though at a slower pace than before).

Supercell, the video game studio responsible for Clash of Clans, is majorly owned by China's titular company called Tencent Holdings. It was revealed that despite the decrease in the game's sales, its other title called Clash Royale is still earning huge. That the latter greatly impacted the profits of the company. And what's even interesting? The studio reportedly spent lower in terms of advertising, though the launching became a huge success.

It's worth noting that last year, Clash of Clans took the number 2 spot. It followed the footsteps of Mixi Inc's Monster Strike. Clash Royale, on the other hand, finished the number 5 seed, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. However, when Pokemon GO came into the scene, it's where the change in sales started.

Back then, Clash of Clans was deemed as the best mobile game of its niche. Enter Niantic's augmented-reality game, the course of history changed. Lots of players chose to go into the wild and capture Pokemon. While there are still who played Supercell's games, the amount of player on it is unlike before.

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