Pokemon GO Guide: How To Get The Special Rare Items

Other than Gen 2 Pokemon that were recently added by Niantic in Pokemon GO, there are special rare items that players can get. However, some players are commenting that the items are hard to find. Fortunately, there are ways to acquire them.

How To Acquire The Evolutionary Items In Pokemon GO?

Players will not deny that the special rare items added in Pokemon GO are good news for them. However, they are having a hard time looking for those items. According to Kotaku, the players need those goodies to evolve the Gen 2 Pokemon.

Many of them have observed that the drop rates for the rare items in the game are random. They consider themselves lucky if they have acquired the items on a seven-day Pokestop bonus streak. As per Mic, the players can continue to receive their daily bonuses until they receive King's Rock and Dragon Scale.

Some players receive such items even if they have not yet reached their seven-day streak in Pokemon GO. The evolutionary items appear in different Pokestops, so they must continue to walk around their usual spots when they have time.

Drop Rates Of Evolutionary Items In Pokemon GO

Others have calculated the drop rates of the evolutionary items in Pokemon GO. In the 23,000 Pokestops available in the game, there are possibilities that they might be given eight Sun Stones. Next, six King's Rocks and Upgrades will appear.

There are nine Metal Stones and four Dragon Scales that will be available in Pokemon GO. That means the players have to endure the rarity of those items. Even if evolutionary items are limited, they have to look for it because these items will be their saving grace to move forward in the game.

Niantic may have released Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO that caused major changes in the game. However, players might have a hard time evolving the monsters if they will not be able to get the items because they are very rare. Hopefully, the developer will increase the drop rates of the special items. 

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