'Middle Earth: Shadow Of War' Is Confirmed As The First Game For Project Scorpio

Middle Earth: Shadow of War was accidentally uncovered when Target puts the game in its stock list. As a result, this news has stirred quite a commotion in the gaming community as no one expected nor predicted that this sequel would happen soon. Now with the unintended reveal of the game, Warner Brothers has decided to completely reveal the game in a trailer, which had players and fans all riled up.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War And Project Scorpio

Since the official reveals of the game, the gaming community eagerly jots down all the information available about the game, Middle Earth: Shadow of War and what's interesting is what platforms the game is going to be released on.

According to Tech Radar, in a press release by Microsoft, the computer giant mentioned that Middle Earth: Shadow of War is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, and when it is purchased either at the Xbox Store or at the Windows Store, players would be able to play the game on the PC or on the Xbox One and even on Project Scorpio once it is released this year. This feature of Xbox Play Anywhere would then make Middle Earth: Shadow of War, the very first game that is officially recognized to be released on Project Scorpio.

Official Confirmation Of The Game's Release On Project Scorpio

Furthermore, to support this claim, an article by GamesRadar has relevant information regarding the matter. In the article, it is shown that Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Games Marketing Head, tweeted before, that Project Scorpio is part of the Xbox One Family, and this means that all games from the Xbox One will work on it. Also, in a recent tweet, Greenberg finally confirms that Middle Earth: Shadow of War will be on Project Scorpio.

Having Middle Earth: Shadow of War on Project Scorpio would mean that the developer believes that the platform would exceed everyone's expectations and would be a perfect place to play the game on. Also, with the highly anticipated game being on Project Scorpio, it would surely boost the sales of the gaming platform. Unfortunately, there is no announcement yet on when Project Scorpio will be released, but it is expected to be released sometime this year. Meanwhile, the game Middle Earth: Shadow of War is set to be released on the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on August 22, 2017.

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