Samsung's Battery-focused Company SDI Gets A New CEO

Samsung's battery-affiliate SDI now has a new leader. As per the company's announcement on Tuesday, Jun Young-hyun is replacing Cho Nam-seong as SDI's CEO after the latter resigned from the company for personal reasons. Jun is currently the head of Samsung's memory chip division and he is expected to take over his new duties on March 24.

Samsung SDI's New Leader

Jun is 57 years old and has a Ph. D. in electric engineering. He joined Samsung in 2000 and after a significant amount of tenureship, he's replacing Cho as SDI's president. Android Headlines says that Cho's resignation comes shortly after Samsung's vow to do some restructuration following Note 7's fiasco.

Samsung SDI As The Company Behind Note 7's Battery

Samsung SDI's name became more popular than ever when the Note 7 controversy fired up last year. Initial findings of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions suggested that flawed batteries were the ones to blame for the phablet's flare-ups.

SDI, being the one directly responsible for the device's batteries, was mentioned in news more times than normal during the second half of 2016. Samsung kept things professional during the entire recall process but there were rumors that came out saying that Samsung will start outsourcing its batteries from other companies. Nonetheless, this rumor has never been confirmed by the company.

Samsung SDI Changes

Needless to say, the company is moving on from the controversy and so does its battery affiliate SDI. As per Sam Mobile, Jun is expected to start his SDI-CEO duties on March 24 following an approval at the annual shareholder meeting. Nevertheless, it was said that the approval meeting is more likely just a formality event and the Samsung executive will almost certainly get the new position. As for Samsung's memory chip division, there's still no clarity as to who will be replacing Jun as the department's head.

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