Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Fourth Global Mission Now Live, Easiest To Complete By Far

Just recently, Pokemon Sun and Moon  launched its fourth global mission that involves using the game's post game to rack up some Battle Points. The said activity is actually the easiest mission to complete out of all the other missions they have released by far.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Fourth Global Mission Details

According to WWG, the fourth global mission required players to collect 250,000 Battle Points by competing in the Battle Tree. It is worth noting that only fans who actually beat the main story and went through a few other post game activities can participate in this event. From the name itself, the Battle Tree is an area where the players fight various trainers and it even features characters from past games like Cynthia, Red, Blue and Wally.

Those players who compete and succeed in the global mission will earn up to 4,000 Festival Coins, five Rare Candies and a Heavy Ball. Luckily enough, VG247 shared that players have already managed to clear the said mission just within a few hours.

Quota Reached Within Several Hours

Previously, the first mission tasked players with capturing or defeating a total of 100 million Pokemon which failed terribly. The second mission lowered those numbers down to one million but fans could still not reach the quota. However, the third global mission was a success as fans were able to trade over a million monsters.

Since the current mission ends on Mar. 13, players still have a chance to sign up and claim the hefty rewards around the said date. Seeing how the players have already achieved the mission, it would still help to gather more Battle Points. Following the fourth global mission's success, there is no doubt that Pokemon Sun and Moon will release even more activities for players to complete in the near future.

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